Are you headed off on a trip for a month or more? Then you may need to make some adjustments to your home insurance before leaving. What should every insurance buyer know about leaving their home unattended? Here are a few of the most important things. 

1. You May Need New Insurance

Most home insurance policies have a limit as to how long a home can be unoccupied before it's an issue. The reason is that unoccupied homes are easier targets for theft and damage, and disaster damage won't be as easily noted. Check with your particular policy to learn what this limit is so you know if you need to buy specialized insurance to cover the gap. 

2. Unoccupied and Vacant are Different

While the term 'unoccupied' may sound a lot like 'vacant', these are actually two different states in the insurance world. An unoccupied home is still fit for living — with working utilities, furnishings, and appliances — even though no one lives there at the moment. Vacant homes are not currently livable. Vacant homes have an even higher risk of worse claims, so they must be insured by specialty coverage. 

3. You Can Choose What to Keep

The good news is that you may need a particular insurance policy, but you may not need to pay for two. If you buy a separate vacant or unoccupied home insurance policy, you may opt to cancel your regular homeowners' policy for the duration. 

4. House-Sitters Avoid Vacancy

Want to avoid vacant or unoccupied home insurance? This may be a good time to find a house-sitter. Not only will this protect your home better, but it saves you the extra work and money to find the right insurance. Check with your insurance agent to be certain that you don't need to add the individual as a household member. 

5. Your Neighbor Doesn't

Can't find or don't want to pay for a house-sitter? It's a good idea to have someone — a friend, relative, or neighbor — check on the home for safety and security. However, this person may not qualify the home as being occupied if they don't actually live there for the duration. Find out more by checking your particular policy's wording. 

Where to Start

Proper insurance is even more important when your house will be left unattended and you can't oversee things yourself. Start by meeting with a home insurance agent in your state today. With their guidance, you'll find the right policies to allow you to travel without worrying about what you leave behind.