If you are injured at work and need to file a workers compensation claim, the process can be confusing. The value of your claim is dependent upon several factors, and understanding these factors can help you plan for your future and also help you determine if you should hire an attorney. Here are a few of the most common factors that can impact your workers compensation claim and benefits.

Your Hourly or Weekly Wage

One of the biggest factors that will impact how much money you will receive while you are recovering from your injury is the hourly or weekly wage you were paid while you were working. Typically, you will be paid a certain percentage of the wage amount while you are recovering. Depending upon where you live, you may or may not have state and federal taxes taken out of your compensation.

If you are able to return to work for shorter hours or on light duty, your workers compensation benefits will typically be lessened. Once you are able to return to work at your full capacity, you will be entitled to the same wages you received before the injury.

The Seriousness of Your Injuries

The extent of your injuries is another major factor. For example, if you had a serious injury that will impact your ability to work at all in the future, and if your employer is found negligent, you may get compensation for your lost wages, pain, and suffering. If the extent of your injuries is not as severe and you will be able to return to your old job, you may only be able to collect a portion of your wages while you heal.

It can be difficult to determine what you are entitled to unless you speak with an attorney.

Your Physician's Believability

In many cases, you might, unfortunately, be denied workers compensation by your employer. Your physician will often be a great asset because they will be able to testify concerning the extent of your injuries. Your physician's reputation and their ability to accurately prove your injuries were work-related is sometimes a factor.

Whether Or Not You Hire a Lawyer

Finally, if you are filing a suit against your employer to receive workers compensation benefits, it is critical that you hire an experienced attorney. Your attorney can help ensure you receive all of the compensation that you are entitled to.

From the extent of your injuries to working with an experienced attorney, there are several factors that can impact your workers compensation claim and benefits. For more information on workers compensation insurance, contact a professional near you.