If you are a truck driver, you want to have your truck insured consistently. It's very important for you to never drive your truck if it doesn't have insurance on it because this can be bad for a number of reasons. Here are some of the reasons why it's crucial for you to make sure your truck remains insured at all times:

It's the law

You are legally required to have insurance on your truck, and if you are caught driving without insurance, then you can face hefty fines and other sanctions. Each state can have its own penalties for those who are caught without insurance while on the road, but no matter which state you are pulled over in, you will face some type of monetary consequence. When you obtain your insurance, you want to make sure you go with a policy that covers you according to the legal minimum requirements. 

It protects you

If you get into any type of accident where you are injured and/or your property is damaged, then you can receive compensation that will help you to cover the losses you incurred. This can be extremely important if you are left with injuries and/or damages that are going to keep you from being able to work for a while. 

It protects others 

If you are involved in an accident with another party or in which you damage someone else's property, then they will be able to put a claim in with your insurance company to recoup the losses they incurred, up to the limit your policy allows. If their losses come to an amount that is over what your policy covers, they can come after your assets for the remainder of damages and losses. This is why you want to consider getting an insurance policy that covers you for a good amount. While the policy will cost a bit more, it can prove to be very helpful should you get in a more serious accident. 

It keeps you registered

If you allow your trucker insurance to lapse and the Department of Motor Vehicles finds out about it, then they can revoke your registration. Most insurance companies report to the DMV when someone allows their insurance to lapse, so it's not often something you can hide from the DMV. If your truck loses its legal registration, then this can cause you legal issues and increase your chances of being pulled over because when law enforcement runs your plates, they will know right away that you don't have a current registration.

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