Although getting a license is a requirement that people must have to legally drive a vehicle, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are ideal drivers. It common for a ticket to be issued for driving offenses that can usually be paid off to avoid jail time, but multiple offenses can lead to other actions being taken. For example, if you have caused several accidents due to driving in a negligent manner, it can lead to your drivers licensed being suspended for a set period of time. Committing multiple driving offenses can also put you in the category of being a high-risk driver, which also means that your auto insurance premium can skyrocket. A problem that you might be facing if you are considered a high-risk driver is the responsibility of obtaining SR-22 insurance.

Why SR-22 Insurance is Necessary

SR-22 insurance is necessary because it is a way for the Department of Transportation (DOT) to keep up with high-risk drivers. The insurance isn't exactly coverage or a plan, but it is a certificate of responsibility that proves that you have coverage. For instance, you must have some type of insurance coverage, such as the minimal requirement. Your insurance provider must fax a document to the DOT to prove that you have an active policy in place. SR-22 insurance is basically a way for the DOT to protect other drivers against high-risk drivers that might cause a collision.

Getting Insurance as a High-Risk Driver

If you are in a situation in which your license was suspended and you stopped paying auto insurance, getting coverage after getting the license reinstated can be difficult. Not every auto insurance company is willing to provide coverage to a high-risk driver, as it means that there is a high probability that a claim will be filed. If you are currently in need of coverage to meet the SR-22 insurance requirements, you should look for insurance companies that accept high-risk drivers. A quick browse through a search engine should lead you to insurance companies that can assist with your situation. Just prepare for your premium to be higher than usual.

When SR-22 Insurance Can Be Dropped

You cannot drop SR-22 insurance at any time you desire to do so. It is usually necessary to meet the requirements for a few years before it is no longer required by the DOT. If you fail to prove that you have insurance coverage before being released from the SR-22 insurance requirement, you can lose your driving privileges.