A home is an expensive investment, and no homeowner wants to deal with serious damage to their property. But sometimes, accidents or unexpected events happen that may require you to file a claim on your homeowners' insurance policy. If you've never had to do this before, you may be confused about what to expect. Keep reading to learn what steps you should take if you need to make a home insurance claim.

File a Police Report

Depending on the incident, a police report may be necessary. With issues like theft and break-ins, this is something you'll want to do. Be sure to contact the police and report any crime that occurred before you give your insurance company a call. This will be helpful to have once you begin the claims process. 

Contact Your Home Insurance Company

Next, you'll want to give your insurance company a call. They will begin the claims process with you and will assign you a claim number as well as an insurance adjuster. Your adjuster will be the person who will assess the damage and make a ruling on your claim.

Take Notes and Document Well

You'll want to have good documentation of all damage or theft. Any documentation and evidence that you have will be examined by your insurance adjuster. It's also a good idea to keep good documentation of your interactions with the adjuster.

Start Making Repairs

The insurance company will want you to begin making repairs as soon as possible. This can help to protect the rest of your property from further damage. Keep all receipts of repair work that has been done, and if you have to move out of your home while the work is being done, be sure to also keep receipts for any food and lodging expenses.

Fill Out All Paperwork on Time

You'll likely need to complete a good bit of paperwork during the claims process. Be sure to fill out all paperwork to the best of your ability and in a timely manner to keep the process moving along. 

While we hope that you never find yourself in a situation where you need to file a homeowners' insurance claim, you know have the knowledge needed so that you're able to handle the situation if it ever does arise. If you're in the market for a new homeowners' insurance policy, be sure to reach out to an insurance agency that can provide you with a quote and walk you through the process.