As a budding photographer, you need the right commercial insurance coverage to protect your business. Here are some of the various forms of coverage your insurance should include.

Business Property

The premier coverage you cannot miss is that of business property insurance. You need this coverage to protect you from loss, theft, or damage of your photography property. That way you won't miss work because your filters, tripod stands, camera, or computer have suffered electrical damage. Don't forget to buy coverage that compensates your entire cache of photography equipment in case you lose everything, for example, due to a fire outbreak.

General Liability

General liability coverage will come to your rescue if someone accuses you of damaging their property or causing them injury as you go about your duty. Say you were taking photographs of a house for sale and you accidentally knocked an expensive artwork off its stand and it got damaged; your general liability coverage will compensate the property owner for the artwork. Another example is if you are perched on a ledge taking your shots and your camera accidentally falls on someone below; your general liability coverage will compensate the accident's victim for their injuries.

Errors and Omissions

There are forms of liability claims that your general liability coverage won't cover. One of these is professional liability, which arises if a client accuses you of causing them losses in the discharge of duties to them. For example, if your memory card fails during a photoshoot and the clients sues you, it is professional liability coverage (Errors and Omission insurance) that will come to your rescue.

Cyber Insurance

Many photographers store their work in the cloud and use computers to edit their work, exposing themselves to cybercriminals. For example, a hacker can get into your computer and lock you out of your storage accounts.  Someone can also hack into your computer and leak your client's details. In either case, you will need cyber insurance to protect you from the ensuing losses. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

Lastly, most photographers are mobile – they go where the work is. If you are such a photographer, then you probably have a car to carry you and your equipment to clients' sites. Your personal auto insurance coverage might not help you much if you are involved in an accident with this car. You need commercial auto insurance for your work vehicle.

The above are just a few examples of the coverage you need; the list is not exhaustive. Talk to your insurance agent to help you get an insurance package that includes all the various coverage you need.