Have you been wondering if it is worth switching to a form of auto insurance where you pay-per-mile? This type of auto insurance is a new way to pay for your insurance premiums and can be great for some people depending on their driving situation. Here is when it can be the right choice for you. 

You're Working From Home

Have you had a sudden shift in your workplace where you are now working from home instead of the office? Chances are that there are days that go by where you don't even start your vehicle, and you are driving much less than you once did. This can be a great situation where pay-per-mile insurance will work for you. 

You likely know how many miles you drive on average, and if not, your insurance company may be able to provide that to you based on odometer readings. Calculate how many miles you travel per day for your commute, and how many of those days you are not working from home during the year. With some simple math, you can determine how many fewer miles you are driving now that you're working from home. Give this information to your car insurance company, and they can run the numbers to let you know if you can save money by switching to a different type of insurance policy. 

You Own a Secondary Recreational Vehicle

Do you have a recreational vehicle, such as a motorcycle, that gets used infrequently? It may be tough justifying those premiums for a vehicle that doesn't get used that often. However, it doesn't make sense to completely uninsure the vehicle since you still want coverage for things like theft, fire, and other risks that come from having the motorcycle in storage. 

By switching to a policy where you pay for each mile that you drive, you will end up saving a lot of money on your motorcycle that only gets used for fun on the weekends. All you need to do is submit those odometer readings and you'll see your overall premiums drop as a result.

You Don't Drive That Many Miles

If you are not the type of person that drives frequently, you may find that pay-per-mile insurance will work best based on how you use your vehicle. This could be due to being retired, a young driver that doesn't go many places, or if you largely rely on public transportation. Your insurance agent can tell you how many miles per year it takes to break even with the cost of normal insurance. 

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