An auto insurance quote is a useful tool only if it is accurate. The information you provide can help ensure the quote is as accurate as possible. Once you get several accurate quotes in hand, you can then use them to make the most informed decision when shopping around for a new policy.

1. Stay Coverage Consistent

Comparison quotes are useless if they aren't comparing the same thing, it would be like comparing apples to oranges. Make sure each quote is for comparable coverage limits and deductibles. If additional coverage is included in one quote, such as uninsured motorist, then make sure all the quotes you are comparing also include this coverage. 

2. Know Your Deductible Budget

It's common practice to provide a quote for a high deductible as it makes the annual cost of the policy much lower. Unfortunately, a high deductible is no use if you aren't able to cover it in the event of an accident. Make sure the deductible is set to an amount that you are comfortable with paying in the event you are in an accident and must make an insurance claim. Then, ensure that is the deductible amount used for every quote you receive. 

3. Provide an Accurate Record

Don't try to hide past issues that could affect the final cost of the policy. During the quote process, the broker will ask you if there are any claims, tickets, or accidents within the last few years. They may also need to know your basic credit rating. This information will show up before the policy is finalized, so it's best to be honest with them during the quote process so that the cost of the policy can be determined accurately for better comparison.

4. Gather All Policy Information

The quote will be based on a lot of different information, including your zip code, the make, model, and mileage of your car, and the ages and genders of those on the policy. Gather all of this information before calling in for a quote so you can be sure nothing is overlooked. Your broker may be able to email a list of the necessary information so you can gather it before putting in a quote.

5. Detail Your Life Changes

Certain life changes can affect your policy quote. For example, if you have recently purchased a home, you may be able to bundle car and home insurance for a discount. Auto insurance is often higher for younger males, but if you are now married with kids, your rates may go down as those with families are often less accident-prone. 

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