Homeowner's, renter's, and auto insurance are common forms of insurance that many people purchase, but insurance policies aren't limited to only common protections. The following are a few less common — but still sometimes important — types of insurance.

1. Wedding Insurance

As weddings become more elaborate and expensive, insurers are offering couples protection against emergencies that might call off the big day. Should a vendor be unable to deliver on a contract or a natural disaster prevent a wedding from taking place, wedding insurance may cover any lost deposit and the cost of making alternative wedding plans.

2. Alien Abduction Insurance

For those who fear not only Earthly disasters but also the presence of UFOs from other planets, a few insurance companies offer alien abduction insurance. This type of policy might cover medical costs associated with an abduction or provide a flat-payout if you're experimented on in a flying saucer. Of course, you have to come back to earth to file a claim.

The risk of alien abductions might seem far-fetched to some, but others take this risk extremely seriously. More than 100,000 of these policies have been sold worldwide.

3. Ransom Insurance

Should you be kidnapped by earthlings rather than extraterrestrials, ransom insurance may help you get away from your captors. Used by international travelers and multinational corporations, this kind of insurance policy might pay a ransom if one is demanded for your release.

4. Lottery Insurance

Winning the lottery brings big bucks for the person or people with the winning ticket, but it can sometimes lead to financial hardships for others. Specifically, small businesses can find themselves in a lurch if a group of employees go in together on a lottery pool and hit it big. If a business's whole staff become overnight millionaires, they're liable to all instantly quit.

Lottery insurance helps businesses guard against this very specific risk. Should a business lose its staff after they win the lottery, this insurance can help keep operations going and make up for any lost revenue.

5. Bed Bug Insurance

Homeowner's and renter's insurance policies frequently exclude insects, including bed bugs, from their protections. People who are concerned about this particular risk, however, can purchase a bed bug insurance policy. Should a covered residence become invested with the pests, a policy will pay to have them exterminated.

Bed bug insurance is often purchased separately from homeowner's and renter's policies, but it's not a substitute for either of these.

For more information about insurance, contact a local insurance agency.