Hiring a fire damage insurance claims public adjuster to represent your interests may seem like a bit of a leap. There are, however, a few good reasons why you should consider getting in touch with one.

The Insurance Company Has an Adjuster

Claims adjusters are professionals who are sent to assess the nature of a claim and to determine how valid it might be. Their mission is to pay out claims on all cases that are valid.

At first blush, that sounds like it should be a win for you. Hooray, the insurance company is paying to sort this thing out for you, right? Regardless of how well the insurance carrier's adjuster does, their report still represents only one perspective. Hiring a fire damage claims public adjuster provides a second perspective, and it puts someone on the ground who represents your interests.

Lack of Knowledge

The insurance company's adjuster will give you an honest and fair assessment of your claim. You don't, however, want to rely on them to provide the only expert knowledge during the process of settling a claim. If you don't have the necessary knowledge to assess whether an offer is a good one, it's hard to negotiate competently.

Such issues exist in all insurance cases, but the problem goes double when you're talking about a fire. A public adjuster with experience looking at fire damage and working on claims can be an invaluable resource in helping you understand what your claim is worth.

Disputing a Claim Rejection

The worst scenario is sitting there with a rejected claim and no representation. Your own adjuster may be able to scan through the findings of the adjuster from the insurance company. They may be able to point out problems with the report, and they might even be able to help you restart the claim after a rejection.


Having a public adjuster on your side represents something of a middle ground if you have to negotiate a settlement. The extreme version is hiring a lawyer and potentially getting into a lawsuit. Working with an adjuster lets the insurance company know that you're not looking to go to war and that you just want to negotiate a fairer deal.

Also, you always have the right to hire an attorney and proceed. In that scenario, the work of a fire damage claims public adjuster can provide a starting point for potential litigation.

To learn more, contact a fire damage claims public adjuster.